Day 6: Eureka, CA to Westport, CA
June 5, 2014

We’ve had good ideas, but our greatest idea was to skip riding on 101 on the way back south. So, after yogurt and granola in our motel room, we caught the local bus back to Garberville. My my my. The bus was filled with: at least one guy on his way home from jail, several completely strung out people, and so many smells.

We got off the bus in Garberville, ate some bagels, and overheard these inspiring words: “Since I quit my job and moved up here my work ethic has been through the roof. The other day, I wanted to do a one-armed push up and I just tried it. I didn’t actually do one, but I tried, man.

From Garberville we hitchhiked to Leggett (weirdly got a ride from someone who knows someone we know), and started riding again on 1. We had 4-5 miles of sweaty climbing then some glorious long descents. Some kindly motorcyclists clocked our speed on the hill (38 mph), and we got unfortunately chilly on the second descent. A bizarre convoy of 6 Porsche Cayennes passed us and Andrew had the epiphany that “California is so pretty, the roadside trash is redwood bark).

Back in Westport we got sandwiches and rented the Brother’s Grimm. We felt pretty great after such a short day.

  • Start: Eureka
  • End: Westport (via Leggett)
  • Slept: Westport Inn
  • Miles: 27.6
  • Avg.: 8.6