Day 4: Westport, CA to Phillipsville, CA
June 3, 2014

We left a little after 8:30 and surprise surprise, it was foggy! We had a flattish morning on the bluffs and dipped down near some campsites on the beach before turning inland for a foggy climb through Redwood forests with lots of switchbacks. Hillary peed so many times.

We had a short descent back into the fog and then climbed FOREVER. There were neverending switchbacks, it wasn’t terribly steep and mostly sunny. We took so many butt breaks. We had a pleasant surprise when we found our map was misleading and we got to descend much earlier than expected, and we just flew down the hill to Leggett. We had lunch at the Peghouse – also a pleasant surprise because those dumb Canadians told us everything in Leggett was shuttered. We had a salmon burger and a chicken sandwich: not bad.

The next part was the low point of the trip. We rode on 101, where it is 2 lanes with no shoulder. Windy, trafficy. Blech. We took side roads for a bit and stopped in Garberville for some groceries and to fix HIllary’s flat tire. Then we took side roads and 101 the rest of the way to Phillipsville. Gross. We stayed at an old funky motor lodge in Phillipsville and ate at a really bad Mexican restaurant in a bar.

  • Start: Westport
  • End: Phillipsville
  • Slept: The Madrona
  • Miles: 61.7
  • Avg.: 8.2