Day 2: Bodega Bay, CA to Point Arena, CA
June 1, 2014

We felt pretty good when we woke up and got going at around 8:30. It was a dreary, foggy morning but very still and we saw very little traffic. We stopped in Jenner for breakfast at Cafe Aquatica where we had egg and lox sandwiches. It is such a far cry from our gas station meals on our cross country ride. We could get used to this!

Leaving Jenner we had a grueling, foggy climb up to Fort Ross. So. Much. Fog. We rode through the petrified forest at Salt Point, where we had gone car camping several years ago, and then we rode past Sea Ranch which seems to stretch on forever and seems weirdly abandoned.

The sun started peeking out as we arrived in Gualala (Gualalalalalala). We had a leisurely lunch in Gualala of sandwiches and cookies and then hightailed it to Point Arena (because Andrew had to have a fucking second cup of coffee in Gualala and it took for fucking ever). The last 10 miles into Point Arena were REALLY windy but we made it before everything closed, barely. It was a real death march. We picked up dinner and snacks at the local market: prepared food, yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, raisins, chocolate, oh my. We rode the rest of the way out to Pt. Arena lighthouse where we stayed in an adorable room (the Keeper’s Room) with a view of the lighthouse.

  • Start: Bodega Bay
  • End: Point Arena
  • Slept: Point Arena Lighthouse
  • Miles: 65.7
  • Avg.: 9.2