Day 1: Larkspur, CA to Bodega Bay, CA
May 31, 2014

We had a slow start on our first day: leaving Hammie in Mill Valley with Gail and Steve, packing and repacking our bags, generally getting set up. We left Larkspur at around 11am and rode out Sir Francis Drake out through San Geronimo and Samuel P Taylor Park. It was a little sweaty on the way up, but generally a delightful temperature. We stopped for lunch at the Marshall Store where Andrew had tamales (on Tomales Bay, har har har).

The afternoon was chilly, with somewhat tiring rolling hills. We stopped in Tomales where Andrew relived his childhood and we talked to some Canadians who were doing the reverse of our route. The last 10 miles of the day were hard, cold, and foggy. Bodega Bay looked pretty dismal when we arrived, but a hot shower and mediocre burritos fixed us right up. We fell asleep to a Steven Segal movie.

  • Start: Larkspur
  • End: Bodega Bay
  • Slept: Bodega Bay Inn
  • Miles: 55.9
  • Avg.: 10.5