We’ve had sketchy Internet access so 2 posts today…

Day 14: Troutdale, VA to near Rosedale, VA
May 30, 2011

Leaving Troutdale we continued our climb for a few miles and then had a wonderful, breezy, 15-mile descent into Damascus. In Damascus we had second-breakfast, Andrew visited a bike shop to diagnose his bottom bracket clicking (grit), and Hillary drank about a gallon of water. Food options are getting grim. See photos. From there we rode another 15 or so miles, ate some more, and then started a brutal, steep, climb up from Hayter’s Gap. (1500 foot climb over 3-4 miles) Did we mention that it is really hot in Virginia? We had another quick descent and then stopped for the night outside of Rosedale at the Elk Garden United Methodist Church. The grounds have a covered picnic area, a full kitchen with a bunch of canned goods, and a hose out back (it seemed a little weird getting naked in a church backyard but the hose shower was quite refreshing after a long day).

  • Starting point: Troutdale, VA
  • Ending point: near Rosedale, VA
  • Slept: in a Methodist church
  • Miles: 60.4
  • Average speed: 10.4
  • Grievances: Hillary did not sleep well last night and therefore is grouchy. Snarl

Meet Collin: Collin’s riding buddy injured his knee early on their trip so Collin has been riding with us for the past few days.

Vital stats: * Age: 20 * Hometown: Casper, WY * Occupation: college student * Major: Communication * Bike: Raleigh Sojourn * Favorite candy bar: Almond Joy * Runner up: Snickers * Other activities: backpacking, mountain climbing, skiing