Not sure what all the hurrahs are for…it has rained on us pretty much the whole time we’ve been here. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the last 3 days.

Day 2: Raritan, NJ to Philadelphia, PA
May 18, 2011

In a word: rain. Spitting rain through rolling hills and farmland. Stopped for a short break in New Hope, PA which was cute. Pouring rain starting near Warington and continuing most of the way to Conshohocken. We got in early enough to hang out with Ivy for a bit and admire her egg carton collection. Mostly she watched us eat. Then our friends Nancy and Andrew took us to Ralph’s for dinner (classic family-run Italian) where they also watched us eat. Thanks for a delicious meal guys!! Things were slow this morning but picked by the afternoon. We have some very tired legs and sore derrières.

  • Starting point: Raritan, NJ
  • Ending point: Philly, PA
  • Slept: Ivy’s house!
  • Miles: 76.85
  • Average speed: 10.5

Day 3: Philadelphia, PA to Denver, PA
May 19, 2011

We had a lovely morning ride along the Schuylkill River trail from Philly all the way to Valley Forge. It stopped raining long enough for a beautiful picnic in VF, but not enough time for any revolutionary war reenactments. In the afternoon we rode through nice scenic farm country with ultra green grass you want to lay in unless it’s pouring rain…followed by roller coaster hills, forever. We go to the Dutch Cousin campgrounds in Denver, PA (Lancaster county) around 6:45, ate some canned food and passed out.

  • Starting point: Philly, PA
  • Ending point: Denver, PA
  • Slept: campground / cabins
  • Miles: 72.1
  • Average speed: 9.5
  • Notes: disgusting amount of peanut butter consumed.

Day 4: Denver, PA to Wrightsville, PA
May 20, 2011

We were exhausted after yesterday so lazed around in the morning, mostly complaining about our sore rear ends. We set off (in the rain) around 10am and rode through more rolling hills and farm country that would probably be lovely if not raining. We took a lunch break in Mannheim and also stocked up on food for the next few meals. We had off and on rain through Mt. Joy, Marietta, and then pouring rain through Columbia and Wrightsville. Around 4:30 in the afternoon we arrived at the farm of Frank and Sally Harvey who allow cross-country bicyclists to camp on their property for free! I’m writing this from the attic of their barn! I can’t remember who gave us this advice but it was really good: when it comes to biking in the rain, don’t bother trying to stay dry. Just focus on staying wet but warm. Our gear has been great for that. Most notable: pearl Izumi leg warmers and our bright yellow (can’t remember the model) PI jackets that don’t keep all the wet off but definitely protect against the wind.

  • Starting point: Denver, PA
  • Ending point: Wrightsville, PA
  • Slept: camped
  • Miles: 45.25
  • Average speed: 9.5
  • Notes: Andrew’s mind is addled…possibly gummed up from all the peanut butter?